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22 Heads

22 Heads

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Lucy Kaviok (Rankin Inlet)

22 Heads, circa 1970


14" long

I traded a pair of Andy Miki animals for this work without knowing who the artist was.  In the classic Arviat tradition, the artist filed facial expressions with minimal detail and subtle expressions into very hard stone.  Arranged in a linear formation, each face works in synergy to form a very moving group.   I am not sure if they are on a boat, in some sort of ritual or simply a thought the artist stumbled onto.   

A couple years after acquiring, I found a related example illustrated in "The Swinton Collection", the artist who published the seminal publication "sculpture of the inuit".  It is not surprising that George Swinton shared my enthusiasm for the form when he decided to hang onto his example.   It is interesting to compare this with Miriam Qiyuks famous figural groups which has less negative space but full figures with more details expressions in basalt.

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