Father & Child

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Sheokjuk Oqutaq 

Father & Child c 1970

Signed in syllabics

Cape Dorset

13 x 11 x 8”

Sheokjuk was famous for carving diminutive figures with extraordinary refined details in stone and ivory as early as 1950.   A total of 13 of his early works are featured in Darlene Wight's Early Masters publication.  Sheokjuk is also known for elegant fish - arguably the very best fish out there - and bird sculptures which were only surpassed by his brother Osuitok Ipeelee.  

Father & Son is a bit of a discovery. It is the largest Sheokjuk carving I am aware of and the only rendering of a father & child I have seen by the artist.  The facial features, while expressive and refined, are quite different from his early figural works.  This sculpture may have been a commission by someone who greatly admired his figural work.  It may also have been inspired by his peers carving larger figural works around him.