Paul Malliki Caribou

Paul Malliki Caribou

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Paul Malliki (Inuit, Repulse Bay)

Grazing Caribou c 2002

Stone, Antler 

19 x 8.5"

Many of Paul Malliki's caribou are sculpted with dark stone and a smooth surface, while his bears are often carved with textured fur and solid white stone.  This example is a little different. It was carved using Tyndall stone - a historic Canadian mineral used for buildings including the NGC.  Tyndall is a cream coloured limestone with fossilized deposits that have channelled through into a matrix.  Malliki cleverly works the deposit matrix into a pattern that mimics high arctic caribou camouflaging with polar landscapes.  He also adds a soft texture by delineating fine fur throughout the surface without polishing. The antlers are worked with an equal amount of finesse.  Scaled beautifully from a full rack, the roundness and branching are made possible by a network of small joints.  

Grazing Caribou is a fabulous study of the animal in stone - rendered with enough realism to imagine the animal foraging in front of us.   The grazing form draws also attention to the majestic antlers - which are impressive works of art on their own.