Tom Hall Illustration

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Tom Hall (Canadian 1885 - 1972)
Illustration for Fontenac White Cap Ale 
Oil on Canvas c. 1913-26

22.5" x 23.5"

Hall moved to Canada as a young man in 1907. He found boundless adventure as a sportsman and narrated his love of the Canadian wilderness in illustrations for literature and commercial ads. He famously created the imagery for the most coveted CP Rail posters. This illustration is filled with Canadian imagery. It shows delivery of cold beer to a village in the woods at sunset. A group of villagers are resting with pipes in anticipation of a cold drink. Even two men working on a roof in the background have paused to holler at the excitement of beer arriving. The old tractor, unfinished log home and snow capped pine trees are filled with color, and each wooden crate is painted with "Biere Frontenac White Cap Ail" in small script. There is another known image of a pilot landing with a Frontenac delivery that was used for a calendar suggesting this image probably was too. Everything about it is awesome.