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Early Parr

Early Parr

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Parr (Inuit, Cape Dorset)

"The Hunters" c 1961

Stonecut Print

20.75 x 26.75

While a print of this title is not listed by the artist, the inscription is most likely an alternate or working title.  The print was ultimately published as "The Hunters" in the 1962 Cape Dorset Print Catalogue.  The strength and popularity of "The Hunters" inspired a second publication of the image as a  print in 1999 when it was titled "Another Time".  The stonecut was based on an early graphite drawing by Parr that was later published in a 1988 essay by Marion E Jackson titled "Parr's Drawing: The Marks of a Hunter".   For a discussion about the artist, including an informative catalogue essay narrating this image, see Parr: Works on Paper a solo exhibition by First Arts in April of 2020.

The Hunters is one of Parr's busiest images printed on a verticle sheet. The original drawing, and Iyola's faithful interpretation cutting the image into stone, reminds us of historic period scrimshaw narratives caved by Inuit artists on bone and ivory.  Where earlier scrimshaw carvers were constrained to the shape of their bones, tusks or antlers, Parr takes full advantage of the sheet to surround his figures with wildlife and vignettes.  The animals are sorted neatly into neatly in rows and columns.  And each of the figures are narrating different roles in hunts and nifty forms.  
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